Cheap International Calls from Malaysia

With TM Smart Call, you can get

  • Up to 90% rate reduction on International calls from Malaysia
  • Up to 75% reduction in domestic call rates (STD and mobile calls)
  • Highly available telephone lines
  • Hardly any propagation delay, even for long distance calls
  • Very clear voice communication
  • No autodialer and no connection codes to dial
  • Control over Allowed Call Destinations (with TM SmartPIN)
  • One monthly bill for all your telephone calls


Applying for TM Smart Call

TM Smart Call is a special program. Not everyone can apply. You must currently be using a non-TM service to make your international, domestic and mobile calls. It mostly benefits those who make many international calls from Malaysia as well as calls to mobile telephones.

You must submit a copy of your latest telephone bill from a provider other than TM that details your long distance (International and Domestic calls) and mobile calls, together with a copy of your latest TM bill, when you apply for TM Smart Call.

Your application will not be processed without them.

Why TM Smart Call is cheaper than VOIP

VOIP has two charges, TM Smart Call has only one charge

If you are currently using a low cost telephone service on your TM fixed lines, you must first connect to the Telco or service provider's computer by dialing a number. Quite often, an autodialer is attached to your telephone for this purpose. You call the number that you want only after getting connection to the service provider's computer (see diagram).

You are billed by TM for the local call between your telephone and the service provider's computer. The rate is 8 sen for the first 2 minutes and 4 sen for each additional minute. Even if your call lasts only 10 seconds, you will be charged 8 sen by TM.

You are billed by the Telco for the call between their computer and the number that you call. If it is a missed call, the Telco will not charge you but you still have to pay to TM 8 sen for the local call component.

In comparison, TM Smart Call has no other Telco in between. You don't need an autodialer. You don't need to call a computer first before calling the number that you want to call. You simply call the number that you want to call, whether it is an International call or a Domestic call. And there is no local call charge. If it is a missed call, you pay completely nothing!!

Why TM Smart Call is technically better than VOIP

TM Smart Call uses TM's PSTN network.

PSTN is made for voice communication. It's voice quality is the better than anything else that is available today. Line availability is excellent

VOIP uses a network of computers, through the Internet. Computers are built for data, not voice. The voice quality is not the best. And when the Internet connection becomes slow, you can get disconnected

While both TM Smart Call and VOIP provide cheap international call rates, the former provides you with the best service quality at the best STD and international call rates. Plus it is from a very stable company - Telekom Malaysia.


If you currently have a TM Malaysia fixed telephone line installed in your office, you will need no further infrastructure to start making cheap international calls from Malaysia and cheap domestic calls through this service. Unlike other low cost services, there is no need for an auto dialer. There is no installation cost or deposit to pay, and you will not be asked to commit to use TM Smart Call for a predetermined period of time. Those binding contractual terms are not required because once you start using it, you will want to continue using it.

The Objective

The objective is to provide an excellent telephone service at competitive prices, with unbeatable voice clarity, high availability and high transmission speed; and provide it both for domestic as well as International calls from Malaysia.

Many elements of the above objectives are achieved through the use of the PSTN lines that you are already familiar with - the same lines that you have been using with your fixed telephone lines prior to the introduction of VOIP discounted services.

As mentioned, it provides unbeatable voice clarity, high availability and high transmission speed over a network that is free from congestion. Plus call rates that most VOIP service providers find hard to beat!

Caller Identification

When you make a phone call from your office to a mobile phone (or some fixed line phones), can the recipient see your phone number?

Unless you want to hide your identity, you will want the called person to know that you are calling so that they call you back if it is a missed call. Unfortunately, many discounted systems cannot provide this facility. PSTN, on the other hand, allows your number to be seen by the called party.


This is not a general offering. Conditions apply.

Are you currently using a non-TM discounted call service on your TM fixed lines? Or are you using a non-TM fixed line and would like to migrate to TM fixed line? Then you might be eligible.

To find out if you are eligible for this special offer, contact us at 010-365 8513 or fill up this form.