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Did you know: TM Smart Call rate for a call from Malaysia to Singapore is less than the rate for a call within Malaysia!
This is an example of TM smart Call providing cheap international calls from Malaysia.

Actual Bill Comparison

We took 150 consecutive call charges from a couple of pages at random from another Service Provider's actual bill, and then worked out what it would cost under TM Smart Call. We do this to give an idea of what the comparison looks like in actual day-to-day operations. We suggest that you do a similar sampling using the bill from your non-TM Service Provider so that you have a better idea whether your existing Service Provider is cheaper, or TM Smart Call is cheaper.

For the particular bill that we did this exercise on, TM Smart Call is significantly cheaper for International calls. TM Smart Call is clearly much cheaper for calls to Singapore from Malaysia, and calls from Malaysia to most other countries.

For domestic calls, TM Smart Call is slightly cheaper for STD calls while it is slightly more expensive for domestic mobile calls. But the price differences are small and insignificant.

There are hidden charges with the non-TM bill: local call charges for unanswered calls or calls that cannot be connected (eg line is engaged) are not shown. In these cases, the office phone line is connected to the non-TM service provider server, so local call charges apply. But since the call could not go through, they are not shown in the non-TM bill.

These unanswered calls can account for more than 30% of all calls. So the hidden charges involved can be significant.

If you would like us to do a similar analysis for your current bill, do contact us and give us a copy of your current bill. We will get back to you with a comparison as soon as possible.


  1. TM Local call charges are minimum 8 sen for the first 2 minutes or less, and 4 minutes for each subsequent minute or less.
  2. TM STD calls are charged in blocks of 10 seconds
  3. TM Mobile calls are charged in blocks of 20 seconds
  4. TM International calls are charged in blocks of 6 seconds
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