TM SmartCall : PSTN IDD Call Rate
Low International Call Rate, Malaysia

(Reduced International Call Rate from Malaysia)
Authorised Agent for TM Smart Call - Low International Call Rate from Malaysia
TM Low IDD Call Rate, cheap international call from Malaysia Cheap International Call Rate from Malaysia SmartPIN on PSTN from Telekom Malaysia Individual PIN Number (with TM SmartPin)
tm smartcall for low international call rate from Malaysia Control over Allowed Call Destinations

low IDD call rate comparable to VOIP

Low IDD Call Rate

TM Smart Call - Cheap International Call Rate from Malaysia

Cheap STD and Mobile Calls too

cheap international calls rates from Malaysia
Enjoy cheap call rates

Enjoy a high quality, congestion-free PSTN telephony system, at low STD and international call rate, with cost savings of up to more than 90% on international call rate from Malaysia (IDD call rate) and more than 75% on STD call rates - with PSTN voice quality that VOIP cannot match, together with individual PIN accountability (as an option), and control over where each user can call. Cheap International call rate and accountability cannot be better than through TM Smart Call together with TM SmartPIN.

telephone number to call for TM Smart Call
reminder to submit voip bill

VOIP & Non-TM PSTN hidden charges

A 10 sen per minute international call rate for VOIP or non-TM PSTN is actually 18 sen for the first minute, because you must add the TM Local Call Charge of 8 sen for the first 2 minutes or less (and 4 sen for each subsequent minute).

There are no local call charges for TM Smart Call - the best STD and IDD call rate with no hidden costs.

If you currently have a TM Malaysia fixed telephone line installed in your office, you will need no further infrastructure to this low international call rate and low STD rates. Unlike other discounted telephony services, there is no need for an auto dialer. There is no installation cost or deposit to pay, and you will not be asked to commit to use Smart Call for a predetermined period of time. Those binding contractual terms are not required because once you start using it, you will want to continue using it.

The objective is to provide an excellent telephony service at competitive prices, marked by unbeatable voice clarity, high availability and high transmission speed over a network that is free from congestion; and provide it both for a domestic as well as an IDD call from Malaysia.

Many elements of the above objective are achieved through the use of the PSTN lines that you are already familiar with - the same lines that you have been using with your fixed telephone lines prior to the introduction of VOIP discounted services. As mentioned, it provides unbeatable voice clarity, high availability and high transmission speed over a network that is free from congestion. The only thing it has not been providing are competitive STD and international call rates comparable to low rate VOIP. But not anymore!

Caller Identification

When you make a phone call from your office to a mobile phone (or some fixed line phones), can the recipient see your phone number?

Unless you want to hide your identity, you will want the called person to know that you are calling. Unfortunately, many discounted systems cannot provide this facility. PSTN, on the other hand, allows your number to be seen by the called party.


This is not a general offering. Conditions apply.

Are you currently using a non-TM discounted service on your TM fixed lines? Or are you using a non-TM fixed line and would like to migrate to TM fixed line? Then you might be eligible.

To find out if you are eligible for this special offer, contact us at 010-365 8513 or fill up this form.


PSTN is made for voice communication. It's voice quality is the best. Line availability is excellent

VOIP uses a network of computers, through the Internet. Computers are built for data, not voice. The voice quality is not the best. And when the Internet connection becomes slow, you can get disconnected

While both TM Smart Call and VOIP provide low IDD call rate, the former has an advantage over VOIP: It uses PSTN. It provides you with the best service quality at the best STD and international call rate from Telekom Malaysia.

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